Employee of the Month


HCSS of the Month 2019

January - Theresa Penird

February - Leanna Danforth

March - Joella Fulwiley

April - John Bowen

May - Karen Collela

June - Lucinda Baskerville

July - Joseph Godette-Parham

August - Miranda Zammett

September - Khloe Pitcher

October - Chanel Johnson 

HCSS of the Month-Asia Taylor

Congratulations to Asia Taylor on being chosen for the HCSS of the Month!  Asia was chosen for this award because she has been extremely reliable and flexible since she came to work for us.  Asia has a great attitude, and an awesome work ethic.  Asia came to work for New Beginnings in July, and is almost ready to celebrate her one year of working with us!

Asia reports that she was born in Syracuse, but raised in North Carolina.  She returned to the Syracuse area approximately 3 years ago, and states that while she does not have children, she just became a God Mother two months ago.  Asia reported that she became a PCA originally because her grandfather had suffered a TBI, and she had helped him out and was by his side every step of the way.  Asia reported that her experience with her grandfather made her want to help others who were in similar situations.  Asia stated, "I know what it's like to be a family member and wanting to make sure your loved one is being taken care of while you are not able to be present due to work, or life situations.  Having that person step in really helps to take the load off of the family's shoulders.  I have been working for New Beginnings for almost a year, and truly believe that New Beginnings cares, and isn't just a company concerned with the amount of money they can make.  Working for New Beginnings feels like one big happy family." In Asia's spare time, she enjoys bargain shopping with her coupons, and going to yard sales and thrift stores.  

We are truly grateful when a staff like Asia joins our "big happy family!"  Congratulations Asia, we are lucky to have you as part of our team!

HCSS of the Month

Congratulations to Shayla McFadden, who was chosen for HCSS of the Month!  Shayla was chosen for going above and beyond with her clients, and for her patience and flexibility that she has shown throughout the year that she has worked here. 

Shayla is a life long resident of the Syracuse area.  Shayla reports that she does not have any kids of her own, but that she has many nieces and nephews who she has helped raise, and she considers them to be like her children.  Shayla reported that her grandmother fell very ill, and during that time, she experienced seeing the care of Home Heath Aides.  Shayla stated that she also helped with her grandmother's care prior to that time, so she knew that the medical field was a perfect fit for her.  Shayla stated that this is what lead her to home care, but that she has always loved helping others, especially children.  Shayla reported that she likes to help in the community, and that at her school she volunteered to help with the blood drive, and was able to achieve her goal of reaching over 40 people to donate their blood.   Shayla reported that her hobbies include shopping and poetry.  Shayla wants to continue working on her goal of graduating from college.  When asked what she would bring if she were stuck on a deserted island for a year, she stated, "a year's worth of food, and a hammock."

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to New Beginnings, and to our clients!  We appreciate what you do, and are grateful to have you on our team!



Congratulations to Hope McCloat on being chosen as HCSS Of the Month!  Hope was chosen because she has gone above and beyond any time that she is asked.  In the year that she has worked for New Beginnings, she has proven that her client's safety is her utmost concern, and she is always looking out for them. 

Hope is a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area. She a single mother of a 15 year old daughter and three dogs. Hope reports that during a desperate time in her life, she wanted to pursue a career, and not just a job.  She stated that she was looking for something rewarding to do, and during her searching, found home care.  Hope reports that she has learned in this job to not take things for granted, and to appreciate small victories.  Hope strives to go above and beyond everyday.  She stated that she recently lost her client n February, and the woman's mother thanked her personally in the obituary.  Hope reported that this was very touching to her, and that it made her feel as though she had made a difference during the time of this person's care.  Hope prides herself on being committed to her family and to her work. Hope's hobbies include sketching and reading, and in her spare time, she enjoys grabbing coffee with friends and camping at Hyde Lake.  Hope reports that if she was ever stranded on a deserted island, assuming there was food there, she would need her little family and her music play list.  She stated that electricity would be helpful too.  In five years, Hope wishes that whatever she is doing, she is content and happy.  She hopes to further her education in the medical field as well. 

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to our clients! We are so happy that your path led you to do Home Care, and we are very lucky to have you on our team!

Employee of the month-Joella Fulwiley

   Congratulations to Joella Fulwiley for being chosen as Employee of the Month!  Joella has gone above and beyond, picking up shifts, and ensuring our clients safety and needs are met.  She has proven to be an extremely caring and reliable staff over the two and a half years that she has been employed with New Beginnings.

Joella was born in Mississippi, and moved to the Syracuse area when she was a young girl.  Joella started doing this work because she is a people person and that she enjoys helping other people.  Joella reports that the most important thing she has learned working in this field was how to be a team player.  She prides herself on being available to work, and always willing to lend a hand to help.      Joella currently goes to school and is in the process of earning her Bachelors Degree in Business, and in her spare time, she also does hair.  In five years she would like to be married, and owning her own business.    Joella also has two boys of her own that she spends her time with.  

Thank you, Joella, for consistently being the kind of aide that people aspire to be, and providing our clients the care that they deserve!  We appreciate you, and are glad that you joined our team!                                               


  Congratulations to Shontia Crawford for being chosen as the HCSS of the Month!  Shontia has gone out of her way to ensure that her clients are kept safe by being accommodating to change and by picking up shifts when it is needed.  Her hard work and dedication that she has shown New Beginnings in the two years that she has been with us is extremely appreciated, and is making Shontia shine as an exceptional employee!

Shontia reports that she has always lived in the Syracuse area, and that she has always wanted to have a job where she can be of assistance to those in need.  Shontia reports that this job has taught her that not all clients are the same, so adaption is a good trait to have.  Shontia reports that mostly, though, the clients are really appreciative of the services that they are receiving.  Shontia reports that every day that she works, she always tries to go above and beyond for her clients, but she says that she feels that she is most helpful when she fills in on cases when it is needed.  Shontia prides herself on being driven, and setting goals for herself to complete.  Shontia reports that during her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family.  Shontia enjoys bowling, going to movies, or just having a family dinner.  Shontia reports that she feels that New Beginnings is the best job she has had so far, and loves that staff and the clients that she works with.   Shontia stated that ultimately, she would like to remain in the nursing field, and possibly continue on to become a nurse.  Shontia reported that she has started becoming interested in being an EMT, so she may go down this path as well.   

Whatever path Shontia chooses to take, we are confident that with the hard work and dedication that she has shown through working here, she will be successful!  We are truly grateful to have you on our team!

HCSS Of the Month! Samantha Neil

Congratulations to Samantha Neil on being chosen as HCSS of the Month! Samantha has worked at New Beginnings since November of 2016.   Samantha was chosen because she is always going the extra mile for her client.  She looks out for client safety and concern first and foremost, and is flexible if something comes up and her schedule needs to be changed.   Samantha has shown that if she can help, she is willing to!

Samantha has one child, a son, who is 13 years old.  She is from Port Byron area, and originally started working with the elderly at an assisted living place, and found that she loved the residents and helping them out.  Samantha reports that the most important thing that she has learned working in this field is that it has shown her how we take advantage of our everyday life, and that it helps remind her that we should all be grateful for the things that we are able to do without being reliant upon someone else to have to do it for us. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys hanging out with her family and friends and reading books. Samantha prides herself on being a cheerful and upbeat person, and brings this happiness with her to her client's home. Samantha reports that ultimately she would like to become an LPN, and would like to stay working with New Beginnings as her full time job.  Samantha reports that this line of work is a very rewarding job for her.

Thank you Samantha for all that you do for us!  We are lucky to have you as part of our team! 



Employee of the Month!

Congratulation to Chanel Johnson for being chosen as Employee of the Month!  Chanel was chosen because she has gone above and beyond with all of her clients, and always remains calm and collective with anything that is thrown her way through the year and a half that she has been with New Beginnings! 

Chanel is originally from Brooklyn, NY, but has lived in this area for approximately 19 years. Chanel reported that she loves caring for other people, and this is what drove her to Home Care.  Chanel has six children, and when she is able to find spare time, she enjoys spending it her family, and singing and dancing. Chanel reported that if she was stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one thing, she would bring a picture of her family with her. 

She reported that she believes she does so well at her job because she is loving and caring.  Chanel reports that in five years, she hopes to still be working with New Beginnings, and that ultimately, her goal is to become a CNA.  Chanel reported that the most important thing that she has learned working in this field is to take your time with the clients. 

Thank you so much for all that you do Chanel!  We are lucky to have you on our team!

Amy Judge-HCSS Of The Month!

Congratulation to Amy Judge for being chosen as HCSS of the Month!  Amy has shown her dedication to her client throughout these past couple of months, and has gone out of her way to be accommodating during a difficult time.  Amy has been a great caregiver since she started working with New Beginnings in 2014. 

Amy reports that she enjoys interacting with the clients, and that they drive her to excel in her job.  Amy reported that she finds that communication is key when it comes to forming a good relationship with your client.  Amy stated that she feels that her compassion and her willingness to go above and beyond for her clients is what may set her apart from others. Amy reported that she has learned a lot about working with people who have TBI's and Dementia since she has worked with NBHC.  

In her spare time, Amy enjoys working out, dancing, and spending time with her family. 

Thank you for all that you do for our Agency, and our clients Amy!  We are lucky that we have you on our team!

Shontia Crawford

Congratulations to Shontia Crawford on being chosen as HCSS Staff of the Month!  Shontia has been indispensable during this month due to a client needing overtime.  She put in extra hours without complaining, and was extremely reliable during this time. 

Shontia reports that her interactions with the clients motivates her to do well in her job, and that she loves working with the clients that she has.  She reported that she feels that she is very caring, a hard worker, and is responsible, and this is what may set her apart in this job.  Shontia reports that she learned a lot about TBI clients, and how to care for them by working at NBHC. 

Shontia reported that in her spare time, she enjoys reading books and spending time with her family. 

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to our agency and our clients!  In the time that Shontia has been with New Beginnings, she has shown that she is reliable, caring, and dedicated to our clients.  We greatly appreciate it, and are lucky to have you as part of our team!