Employee of the Month


- Tuesday, September 12, 2017

  Congratulations to Shontia Crawford for being chosen as the HCSS of the Month!  Shontia has gone out of her way to ensure that her clients are kept safe by being accommodating to change and by picking up shifts when it is needed.  Her hard work and dedication that she has shown New Beginnings in the two years that she has been with us is extremely appreciated, and is making Shontia shine as an exceptional employee!

Shontia reports that she has always lived in the Syracuse area, and that she has always wanted to have a job where she can be of assistance to those in need.  Shontia reports that this job has taught her that not all clients are the same, so adaption is a good trait to have.  Shontia reports that mostly, though, the clients are really appreciative of the services that they are receiving.  Shontia reports that every day that she works, she always tries to go above and beyond for her clients, but she says that she feels that she is most helpful when she fills in on cases when it is needed.  Shontia prides herself on being driven, and setting goals for herself to complete.  Shontia reports that during her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family.  Shontia enjoys bowling, going to movies, or just having a family dinner.  Shontia reports that she feels that New Beginnings is the best job she has had so far, and loves that staff and the clients that she works with.   Shontia stated that ultimately, she would like to remain in the nursing field, and possibly continue on to become a nurse.  Shontia reported that she has started becoming interested in being an EMT, so she may go down this path as well.   

Whatever path Shontia chooses to take, we are confident that with the hard work and dedication that she has shown through working here, she will be successful!  We are truly grateful to have you on our team!

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