Employee of the Month

Lynn Michelson-Employee of the month for November

- Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Congratulations to Lynn Michelson, who was chosen for Employee of the Month for November!  Lynn was chosen because she has a sincere and caring attitude that carries through when she is with her clients.  Lynn's clients love her, and the attention that she gives them.  Lynn has proven to be a punctual and hardworking caregiver in the time that she has been employed here.  

Lynn reported that she is motivated to do her job well because she loves the clients that she works with.  She enjoys seeing the client's face light up when something joyful happens, and she loves to hear the client's reactions to everyday things that others might find ordinary.  Lynn reported that she likes to bring joy to her clients, and that she adheres to what the client needs at the time, rather than following a strict schedule.  Lynn reported that she feels that she is a sincere person, and "what you see is what you get!"  Lynn retired from another job, so she reports that this is her "second career."  She invests a lot into her job, and reports that she loves to succeed at what she does.  Lynn stated that she has always had a drive to be successful with what she does, no matter if it was selling tires, or taking care of people.  Lynn reported that she also does not like to see others fail, so that she feels that she brings this to her clients, and helps them strive to succeed in whatever way is important to them. Lynn reported that she has learned from this job that there are a million different types of people that she has never been exposed to prior to working in this field.  Lynn stated that she has learned how to help and communicate with different personalities, and met many different people since she has worked here.  

Lynn is very active, and enjoys many outdoor activities in her spare time.  Lynn reports that she loves to water ski, ski, snowmobile and go white water rafting.  Lynn's spare time is also spent showing REX Rabbits.  Lynn has five adopted children, all who are grown.  Lynn reports that they have all been to college, and this is something that her and her husband are extremely proud of.  

Thank you, Lynn, for all of your hard work and dedication to New Beginnings.  We are extremely happy to have you on our team!


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