Employee of the Month

Lucinda Baskerville-HCSS of the YEAR!

Congratulations to Lucinda Baskerville for being chosen as HCSS of the Year! Lucinda was chosen because of her dedication to her client.  Lucinda has worked for New Beginnings since 2014, and has shown how compassionate she is during her time with this agency. 

Lucinda reported that she enjoys helping others, and that she loves everything about her job.  She strives to make a difference in people's lives by caring for them, and prides herself on her compassion, and helping her clients complete the goals that they set for themselves.  She reports that the most important thing in this line of work is doing anything that makes her clients feels safe. 

Lucinda reported that she spends her spare time with her family.  

Thanks for all that you do Lucinda!  We truly appreciate the effort that has been put forth with your clients!

Denise Hazzard

 Congratulations to Denise Hazzard on being chosen as Employee of the Month!

Denise Hazzard has worked for New Beginnings for almost a year, and in that time, has shown to be flexible, caring, and goes the extra mile for her clients.  Denise reported that she prides herself on doing the best that she can, and that she loves the clients that she works with.  Denise reported that it is her goal to do a little extra each time she works.  Denise stated that she tries to clean a little extra or do something a little extra for the client each time she is with them. Denise reported that the thing that she likes best about working this job is making the clients comfortable, and seeing the changes that they are able to make while she is there.   

Denise reported that she has three children, five grandsons, and one granddaughter.  She reported that in her spare time, she likes to catch up on her TV shows.  Before working in this field, Denise was a security guard.  Denise reported that she feels that her best quality is her caring nature. 

Thank you for all of your hard work Denise!  We are glad that you are part of our team!

Joella Fulwiley

Congratulations to Joella Fulwiley for being chosen as HCSS Of the YEAR!! Joella has consistently shown her dedication to the Agency, and her compassion to her clients since she started working for New Beginnings. 

Joella reported that she has learned to care for others and understands the importance of teamwork and listening to Supervisors through this line of work.  She reports that what she loves the most about this job is the clients. Joella reported that her clients keep her laughing throughout her shift, and that they are a joy to work with.  Joella stated that she has been working in this field for approximately two years, and that before that, she was in the Customer Service field.

Joella has two children, ages 25 and 21 years old.  She is getting married this year, and is busy planning for this event.  In her spare time, Joella is very busy!  She is also a licensed cosmetologist, makes jewelry, and is in the process of going to school to get her Realty license.  

Thank you for all of your hard work this year Joella!  We are very proud and happy to have you as part of our team!  Keep up the great work! 


Congratulations to Audrey Pounds for being chosen for HCSS OF THE YEAR!

Audrey was chosen because she has shown that she is willing to “Go the Extra Mile,” and has shown her clients that she is compassionate, dependable, and an outstanding team player. 

Audrey reported that what she likes most about working for New Beginnings is that the Agency makes her feel appreciated for doing her job.  Audrey reported that she feels that she has learned to be more patient working in this filed.  Audrey stated that she has also worked as a Medical Assistant, and a CNY, and has had many hats in the medical field.

Audrey has one son, who is four years old, who she reported spends all of her spare time with.  She stated that they enjoy going to the library together, and riding the carousal at Destiny Mall.  Audrey lastly stated that she loves her job, and never felt more welcome or more comfortable at her work.  Audrey stated that she doesn’t even feel like she is working because she enjoys it.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this Agency, Audrey!  We are lucky to have you on our team!

Sue Frost-Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to Sue Frost on being chosen for Employee of the Month! 

This is the second time that Sue was chosen for this award.  She has been an exceptional employee since coming on board with New Beginnings, and is extremely compassionate towards her clients. 

When asked what motivates her, Sue reported that she worries about everyone.  Sue reported that this helps her be cautious and careful and helps her do her job well.  Sue stated that she enjoys working with the people that she works with, and that she gets attached to the clients.  Sue reports that she cares about them, and wants to do what is best for them.  Sue stated that she has been in this field for 28 years, and is very devoted to her clients.  Sue reported that on her spare time, she enjoys buying and selling stones for jewelry.  She reported that eventually she would like to start making her own jewelry.  Sue reported that she has 4 children and lots of grandchildren, and 1 great-grandson.  She enjoys spending as much time with them as possible.

Thanks for all of your hard work and devotion to our clients and New Beginnings, Sue!  We greatly appreciate you and are happy that you are a part of our team! 

Chanel Johnson

Congrats to Chanel Johnson for getting Employee of the Month!

Chanel was chosen for this award because since she has started working at New Beginnings, she has been extremely flexible and agreeable with the cases that she works.  Chanel has also proven to be a very humble, confident, and reliable employee.

This is Chanel's first time working in the health care field.  Before this, she was a stay at home mom, and took care of her six kids ranging from ages 15 to 7 years old.  Chanel reports that on her spare time, she enjoys doing stuff with her family.  They love to sing and dance together.  Chanel reported that she loves to take care of people, and that even if she wasn't getting paid for her job, she would still love doing it.  Chanel stated that she likes working for New Beginnings because she enjoys the flexibility that she has with this job.  She stated that she likes being back in the work force.  Chanel stated that she feels that she has always been patient, but that this job has taught her how to be even more patient with things. 

Great job Chanel, and thank you for all of your hard work!

Gina Reed

Congratulations to Gina Reed for being selected as Employee of the Month!  Gina has been a caring and dedicated employee since she  began working for New Beginnings. 

Gina reports that she works in a Nursing Home as well as New Beginnings, and has been at the Nursing Home for 15 years.  Gina reports that she loves her clients, and learning about the client's lives.  Gina stated that she likes to hear about the different experiences that people have endured.  When asked about a career moment that sticks in her mind, Gina reported that she once had a client who was dying, and had no family around during the process.  Gina reported that she punched from work and sat with the client all night long holding her hand, helping her in her last moments.  Gina prides herself on the amount of empathy that she carries for people, and feels that she can relate to a lot of people, and the difficulties that they are going through. 

Gina stated that between her two jobs, she does not have much spare time, but that her off time is filled caring for the animals that she has. An avid animal lover, her long list of pets include dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, and fish.  She says that she is naturally a caregiver.

Thanks for all of your hard work Gina, and we are lucky to have you on our team!

Jennifer Pesta

Congratulations to Jennifer Pesta for being nominated as HCSS Staff of the Month! Jennifer has been a diligent employee since she started working here, and has shown her client unending support during the time that she has been with her. 

Jennifer reported that she likes helping people and encouraging them to work hard to better themselves.  She prides herself in motivating clients and going the extra mile to help them.  Jennifer reports that she likes her job because it lets her have flexible hours, and she enjoys the client that she works with. Jennifer reported that she also likes the diversity of learning people's disabilities and educating herself and the client on how to teach them that they can push themselves to achieve goals that have been set.  Jennifer reported that she feels that it is important to be aware of her surroundings and being on top of things. 

In Jennifer's spare time, she enjoys relaxing and catching up on her TV shows.  Jennifer has three kids and two dogs that she shares her time with.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication Jennifer! We are lucky to have you on our team!


Sue Golembeski

Congratulations to Susan Golembeski for winning HCSS of the Month!  Sue has worked for New Beginnings since 2010, and has been a dedicated and hardworking employee. 

Sue reported that she has worked in a medical field since she was 17. She reported that she enjoys seeing her clients smile and be happy.  Sue stated that hearing them laugh, and enjoy themselves while she is with them makes the hard work worth it.  Sue prides herself on making clients feel comfortable and happy.  She reported that she has even helped a client move to another county so that her transition was easier, since she did not do well with change. 

When asking Sue what she does in her spare time, she laughed and stated, "What spare time?"  Sue works two jobs, has three kids, and four grandkids.  During the time that she does find, she reports that she likes to spend that time with her grandkids.  Sue describes herself as a caring, hardworking person, who strives to treat clients as she would want to be treated should she be in their position. 

Great job Sue!  We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication! 

Jena Bentley

Congratulations to Jena Bentley for being chosen for Employee of the Month! 

In the time that Jena has been an employee at New Beginnings, she has proven to be accommodating and essential to her clients.  Jena has gone the extra mile many times to be accommodating to her clients needs and schedules, and her clients have only positive things to say about her.  Jena picks up shifts, and was even willing to travel when one of her clients moved.

Jena reports that she likes what she does, and that she loves that Home Care allows you to be one on one with the clients so that you can really get to know them, and can cater to more of their needs.  Jena loves that she is able to form relationships with her clients, and enjoys doing things like painting their nails so that the client feels good about themselves as well.  Jena reports that in her spare time, she likes to be outdoors and enjoys fishing.  Jena spends most of her spare time hanging out with her fiancée.  Jena prides herself on being a good people person, and feels that she has a great personality for this field. 

New Beginnings would like to thank Jena for all of her hard work and dedication that she has given!  We are glad that we have her on our team!