Employee of the Month

Alejandra Martinez


Congratulations to our Employee of the Month Alejandra Martinez!  Alejandra was matched with a participant who has complex care needs, and she took on the challenge with open arms.  In the time that Alejandra has been with NBHC, she has adapted to what the client needs, and has been such a great help to us!

Alejandra reported that her client motivates her to do a good job.  She states that not very many people can do provide the care that he needs, and so she tries her best to help him.  Alejandra reports that the thing she enjoys most about her job is spending time with her client, and seeing him happy.  Alejandra reports that she enjoys her job, and learning new things, and that she truly likes to work.  Alejandra reports that while this is her first time working in this field, it is some thing that she has always wanted to do. 

In her spare time, Alejandra likes to spend time with her daughter.  Alejandra reports that they enjoy spending their time outside either swimming or playing. 

Alejandra reported that she has learned how important it is to help others in need, and to not be so selfish.  Alejandra has learned how to be more caring, and a lot of patience!  Thanks for all of your hard work Alejandra! We are lucky to have you on our team!



Tracy Snow

Congratulations to Tracy Snow for getting HCSS Of the Month!! Tracy was chosen for this award because she is always going above and beyond for her client, and for New Beginnings.  Tracy has been a great employee since she has started here, and learned to adapt to her clients needs very quickly.  

Tracy reported that she tries to help her clients and NBHC any way that she can, whether it be transporting staff to another client's house, picking up shifts, or finding creative ways to keep her client busy.  Tracy reported that she got into this field because she had helped take care of her family members when she was younger, and always remembered how much it meant to them to have the help around.  Tracy stated that she loves to see people smile, and it makes her day when she knows that she made a difference in someone else's life.  Tracy reported that what she likes most about working in this field is that she can be dedicated and devoted to helping her client, and that she can help someone else see the positive things out of life, instead of focusing on the negative things that may happen.  Tracy reported that she has learned from working in her position that you have to have a lot of patience and understanding of the client's needs in order to help them .  Tracy stated that she believes that she has become a  better person from working in this field, as it has allowed her to help and understand her own family members needs better. 

Tracy has 6 kids that range from ages 27 to 12.  She also has two grandchildren.  Tracy reported that when she isn't working, you can find her somewhere outside with her children.   They love to swim, fish, and go to the park.  Tracy reported that she is a persistent person, who never gives up, and always looks for the positive in any situation. When she does find time to herself, she enjoys relaxing and listening to R&B music.  

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedications Tracy!  We are lucky to have you on our team!


HCSS of the Month- April

Congratulations to Margaret Aviles, who was named HCSS of the Month for the month of April.  Margaret has not worked for New Beginnings for a long time, but since she has been employed here, she has excelled.  

Margaret reports that she prides herself on giving care with dignity to her clients.  Margaret stated that the thing that she enjoys most about her job is visiting and spending time with her clients.  Margaret feels that she is good at her job because she takes the time to listen to her clients.  Margaret reported that she has learned from working in this field that it is important to take the time and pay attention to detail.  

In Margaret's spare time, she enjoys painting and lying on the beach.  She also enjoys going for motorcycle rides. Margaret lives by the quote, "There by the grace of God, go I."  

Thank you Margaret for all of your hard work!


February HCSS of the Month!

Congratulations to Rondella Dyess for being picked for HCSS of the Month for February!  Rondella was chosen due to her excelling at a client's house who needs complex care.  Rondella has gone above and beyond, and even went and got additional certification to be able to assist in the client's needs. Rondella also agreed to switch her availability times to accommodate the client's schedule.   Rondella has a great attitude, and has consistently shown up on time to her shifts.  

Rondella reported that this is her first experience working in this field, and that she likes the job very much.  She reports that she has some history of taking care of family, and that she enjoys taking care of people.  Rondella reported that she likes to see the client's reaction to the care that she is able to provide.  Rondella reported that this job has opened her eyes to what people with disabilities struggle with as opposed to people who can take care of themselves.  

Rondella reported that in her spare time, she enjoys doing things with her three year old son.  She also reported that she enjoys braiding hair, and dancing to hip hop.  

Congratulations Rondella!  New Beginnings is lucky to have you as part of our team!

Carolyn Roberts-HCSS of the Month of January

Congratulations to Carolyn Roberts-she was picked as HCSS Of the Month for January!  Carolyn was chosen because she has a great attendance record, and works diligently while she is on shift.  Carolyn has been working extra on her weekends that she has off, and has never had any issues or conflicts while she has worked for New Beginnings.  Carolyn is great with all of her clients, and they have expressed how much they enjoy working with her company!
Carolyn reported that she enjoys working with all of the clients, and that she gets joy out of knowing that they are able to stay in their own home because she is able to be there for them.  Carolyn reported that she did not know that people had an option of living outside of a Nursing Home, and is amazed at the difference of being in their own environment does for them. She reported that it brings her happiness to see her clients happy and thriving at an old age.  

Carolyn reported that in her spare time, she enjoys playing board games, which Cards Against Humanity is her favorite.  Carolyn also reported that in the summer, she enjoys sitting around a fire, and spending time with her three year old godson.  

Thank you for being part of our team Carolyn, and for all of your hard work!!


Congratulations to Stephanie Sanderson on being named Employee of the Year!  Stephanie was chosen for employee of the year because she always steps up to work when she knows that her client is in need.  Stephanie has been amazing and reliable the entire year, often going in to work shifts that were needed at the last minute.  She has a great attitude, and is a hard worker.  

Stephanie reported that she is motivated because she knows that her client relies on her.  Stephanie reported that she understands that someone needs her to take care of them every day, and she enjoys working with her client.  Stephanie reported that she enjoys going to work everyday, and that she likes New Beginnings, so that makes it just that much better!  Stephanie prides herself on showing up everyday, and not making any excuses for note going to work.  The one thing she said that she has learned from her job is to not plan anything on your day off, because someone will need you to work!!

Stephanie reported that in her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her three children, and her one grandson.  

Thank you so much Stephanie for your continuous dedication to our clients and to New Beginnings.  We appreciate all of your hard work!!

Lynn Michelson-Employee of the month for November

Congratulations to Lynn Michelson, who was chosen for Employee of the Month for November!  Lynn was chosen because she has a sincere and caring attitude that carries through when she is with her clients.  Lynn's clients love her, and the attention that she gives them.  Lynn has proven to be a punctual and hardworking caregiver in the time that she has been employed here.  

Lynn reported that she is motivated to do her job well because she loves the clients that she works with.  She enjoys seeing the client's face light up when something joyful happens, and she loves to hear the client's reactions to everyday things that others might find ordinary.  Lynn reported that she likes to bring joy to her clients, and that she adheres to what the client needs at the time, rather than following a strict schedule.  Lynn reported that she feels that she is a sincere person, and "what you see is what you get!"  Lynn retired from another job, so she reports that this is her "second career."  She invests a lot into her job, and reports that she loves to succeed at what she does.  Lynn stated that she has always had a drive to be successful with what she does, no matter if it was selling tires, or taking care of people.  Lynn reported that she also does not like to see others fail, so that she feels that she brings this to her clients, and helps them strive to succeed in whatever way is important to them. Lynn reported that she has learned from this job that there are a million different types of people that she has never been exposed to prior to working in this field.  Lynn stated that she has learned how to help and communicate with different personalities, and met many different people since she has worked here.  

Lynn is very active, and enjoys many outdoor activities in her spare time.  Lynn reports that she loves to water ski, ski, snowmobile and go white water rafting.  Lynn's spare time is also spent showing REX Rabbits.  Lynn has five adopted children, all who are grown.  Lynn reports that they have all been to college, and this is something that her and her husband are extremely proud of.  

Thank you, Lynn, for all of your hard work and dedication to New Beginnings.  We are extremely happy to have you on our team!


Apryl Seamans-HCSS of the Month of October

Congratulations to Apryl Seamans on being named HCSS of the Month for October!  Apryl was selected due to her dedication to her clients, and her great demeanor with them.  NBHC has received only great feedback about Apryl's interactions with her clients, and we greatly appreciate the effort and care that she provides on a daily basis.

Apryl reports that she tries to treat each client as how she would treat them if she were caring for a family member.  Apryl said that the thing she enjoys most about her job is the interactions that she has with her clients.  Apryl reports that she treats each client with dignity, and she stated that it is very important to remember that everyone needs their dignity, no matter what problems they may have.  Apryl stated that she would never make anyone feel ashamed of the issues that they go through, and feels that this is very important in this type of work.  Apryl lastly stated that she feels that she has learned patience from working at this type of job.  Apryl has had many family members who have had disabilities, so she has been involved in this type of care for many years.  However, Apryl reports that taking care of people who aren't your family members is different because you can push your family members more than you can your clients, so that patience has come into play a lot more for her with this job.  

Apryl is a huge animal lover, and has many cats and a dog at home.  Apryl reports that in her spare time, she enjoys being with her family, which consists of her two kids, and her granddaughter.  Apryl says that the one misconception that people have about her is that she is a stern person.  Apryl says that she has "the mother look" down, and people take this a different way.  She stated that she is actually a really easy going person, and that it takes a lot to get her mad.  

Thanks so much Apryl for all of your hard work and dedication to your clients and to New Beginnings!!

Audrey Pounds-HCSS of the Month for September

Congratulations to Audrey Pounds for being chosen for HCSS of the Month for September.  Audrey was chosen because in her short time here at New Beginnings she has proven to be a respectful, honest, calm, and responsible person.  Audrey always treats people with the utmost respect, and her calm attitude allows her clients to be able to relax and enjoy their time with her. 

Audrey reports that she likes taking care of people, and is motivated to give them the support they need so that they can feel secure. Audrey stated that feeling secure is a basic need in life, and that everyone deserves to have that feeling.  Audrey said that she enjoys this job because of the flexibility it allows her to have, and the effortlessness that it takes for her to connect with her clients.  She reports that it is easy for her to care for people, and that she is a very open person.  

Audrey stated that in her spare time she loves shopping, reading, bowling, and mostly caring for her three year old son.  Audrey reports that her son is at a very impressionable age, and that she wants to show him that hard work, dedication, and teamwork pays off.  Audrey stated that by giving her job 100%, she hopes to pass this hard work ethic on to him.  

New Beginnings is very proud to have Audrey on our team.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the clients, and to your job! Congratulations Audrey, and keep up the great work!!

Sheila Breedlove

Sheila Breedlove was nominated for HCSS of the Month for August due to her proven dedication to New Beginnings.  Sheila picks up shifts when they are needed, and clients have expressed the caring positive attitude that Sheila brings to work.  Her coworkers have reported that Sheila always upholds her part of the workload, and is conscientious of not leaving her responsibility for the next person to complete.

Sheila reports that she feels motivated by her love of taking care of people. Sheila stated that she is a people person, and loves seeing people happy.  Sheila prides herself on giving 100 percent to the clients when she is at work.  Sheila reports that spare time does not exist for her, but when she is not working, she is happily taking care of her two girls, and enjoys singing music.  Sheila loves all types of music, and also carries this over in her job.  Sheila reported that clients often love to hear music, and she feels that listening to it helps soothe them.  When asked what she has leaned from working at New Beginnings, Sheila reported that she has learned that there is a lot of diversity in this field within the clients.  Sheila stated that it is important to remember that each client is different, and it is key to go with the flow.  Sheila said that you can't be set in your ways, and have to remember that different clients respond well to different things.  

Sheila has been a great asset to New Beginnings since she has worked here, and is never hesitant to "Go the Extra Mile."  Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication Sheila!!