Employee of the Month

Russell Kreydatus

Russell Kreydatus - HCSS of the Month for July

Russell was chosen for the Extra Mile Award due to him always willing to go out of the way to make sure that his client is kept safe.  Russell always shows up on time, and is always willing to pick up a shift when NB is in a bind.  Russell keeps the client's best interest always in mind.  Russell has gone out of his way over and over again to pick up shifts and to help out his fellow employees.  Russell is dependable and a hard worker. 

Russell prides himself on being a hard worker, and likes knowing that he is there to make sure his clients are safe, and getting the best care possible.    Russell stated that he is always working on his days off, and he strives to do better than others.  Russell feels that he takes on a lot of responsibility for his age, as he is the sole caretaker of his uncle.  In his spare time, Russell stated that he takes pride in his home, and making it feel as comfortable as possible for him and his uncle.  Russell enjoys participating in motocross activities and has a passion for plants.  Russell would like people to know that he is a very passionate person, which he has proven time and again while he has been employed with New Beginnings.  Russell reported that his aunt inspired him to join this field of work, because she was a CNA, and he looks up and admires her. Russell reported that he has learned from this job that "life is long.  You get to the point where you depend on others, whether you want to or not.  Realizing this made me a more caring person, and it makes me feel good to know that I am helping somebody in need."  Russell also stated that doing this work makes him want to continue and progress in this profession.  

We are so happy to have Russell as part of our New Beginnings team.  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication Russell!!  

MaKenzie McEathron-June HCSS of the Month

MaKenzie McEathron-June HCSS of the Month

MaKenzie McEathron was chosen as HCSS of the Month due to her having sincere compassion, and always going the extra mile for New Beginnings.  MaKenzie has shown that she truly cares for her clients, who have given positive feedback on MaKenzie as a caregiver.  MaKenzie shows a true love for her job, and clients and their families love her.  

MaKenzie stated that her clients motivate her to do well.  She feels that in her job, companionship is very important.  MaKenzie enjoys going to work and having her clients look forward to having her there.  "I love arriving to my job, and having someone say, 'Where have you been?  I've been waiting for you!'  

MaKenzie has three children, and in her spare time likes to scrapbook and garden.  MaKenzie also stays busy catering and doing events on the side.  Makenzie feels what sets her apart from others is her sincerity. MaKenzie reported that she has learned from working at this job that, "patience is the key."  

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication MaKenzie!!

Kayla Hernandez

Kayla Hernandez

We are proud to announce that the Employee of the month for the month of May goes to Kayla Hernandez!  Kayla has worked for New Beginnings for about nine months, and during this time has shown that she is always willing to "Go the Extra Mile!"  Kayla had a great attitude, and her clients have raved about the work that she does. Kayla is a kind and respectful employee, and her smile and laugh are contagious.  Kayla is often requested to work more hours by clients, and she is always willing to pick up shifts.  

Kayla reports that she treats clients how she would like to be treated, and how she would treat her family if it was them that she was taking care of.  Kayla reported that making clients happy is her goal each day on her job.  Kayla stated that her mom always told her that she could do better at anything that she does, and so she always has this in her mind while she is working.  She strives to achieve this, and it pushes her to do better.  Kayla's hobby is doing hair and nails, and she carries this to her client's houses as well.  Kayla reported that many of her clients have a routine that they do, and she likes to spice up the routine so that it isn't boring for them. Doing their hair and nails helps make clients feel better, and makes her feel that she is doing something good for them as well.  Kayla reports that having patience with clients is key, and that everybody is different, so treating them as such and respecting their differences is important. Kayla stated that with her clients, she realizes that their time is very important to them, and so she understands that her time with them is valued, and she strives to fill their time with exciting things to make their day as good as she can.   

Great job Kayla, and thank you for your dedication and hard work!!

Lenard Herndon

Lenard Herndon was chosen as HCSS of the Month for April.  Lenard was chosen because since he was hired in December, he has gone out of his way to pick up shifts whenever asked.  Lenard also is very caring to his clients, and has received much praise since starting with New Beginnings.  

Lenard reports that he just likes helping people out, and likes knowing that people are taken care of.  Lenard says that his clients keep him going, and that he prides himself on doing his job with kindness.  Lenard thinks that he does his job well because he respects people as they respect him.  Lenard stated that he has learned a lot since working for New Beginnings.  The biggest thing that he has learned is that patience is the key.  "Whenever it is their time, you take it.  If not, you wait until it is great for them."   Lenard also stated that he learned that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.  

Lenard's greatest strengths include being hardworking,funny, outgoing, and responsible.  In his spare time, Lenard likes to play video games, read, and relax with his family.  

Thanks for being an asset to our company Lenard! Great job!!  

Becky Sage

Becky Sage was chosen as HCSS Staff of the Month for March.  Becky was chosen because she is willing to “Go the Extra Mile.”  Becky has always stepped up to the plate in regards to picking up shifts, and helping with clients.  Every client that Becky has worked for has raved about her performance, and acknowledged that she does go the extra mile.  Becky takes the time to know the clients, and goes above and beyond for them.  Becky has noticed that many of the clients do not have the advantage of having home cooked meals, and she will try to cook them a meal while she is working.  Becky also has brought clients some of her leftover cooked meals from home.  She said that the clients always appreciate this extra effort.

Becky has three children, and enjoys spending time with them on her days off.  She loves being outdoors and doing activities outside with her boyfriend, kids, and dog. Becky stated, “I love my job, and love what I do.  I know that I am making a difference in someone’s life.”  Becky reported that her last job was fast-paced, and that she enjoys working this job because it allows her to be able to spend time connecting with the clients.  She feels that she can relate well with them, and she is able to get acquainted with them on a different level. 

Becky prides herself on being a very caring person, and believes that she does well because she is not in this field just for a paycheck.  Becky stated, “I deeply care for people.  This job can be stressful, but the reward in the end is worth it!  This job has taught me a lot, and it made me realize that I want to be in this field for the long run.  I plan on pursuing a career in Nursing.”    

Congratulations Becky, and thanks for all of your hard work!!

Sheri House

Sheri House was chosen for HCSS of the Month for January. New Beginnings sees Sheri as an exceptional employee, and a great representation of our company.  She has shown up to work with a good attitude, and has been very accommodating with her schedule and the clients needs.  She has gone "the extra mile" many times during the month of January, and has shown that she truly cares for her clients. 
When asked what she feels makes her an exceptional employee, Sheri reported that she feels that she keeps her cool when things go wrong, and is able to make good decisions under pressure.  Sheri reports that she enjoys this job because she knows that she is making a difference in someone's life.  Sheri stated, "I just have motherly instincts. I was born to be a mother.  This carries over into my job."  Sheri has two kids, and five godchildren with whom she spends much of her time with.  In her spare time, Sheri enjoys reading books.
Sheri's clients have said that she is "on top of her game, and is very likable, even when they get on her bad side."  One client reported, "She does her job, and she does it very well."

Thanks Sheri for all of your hard work and dedication!

Mary Connor

Mary Connor was nominated to be HCSS of the Month for June 2014.  Mary has been with New Beginnings since 2012, and has always shown great compassion when working with our clients.  Mary stated, “I feel that we were given two arms and two legs for a reason.  One is to help ourselves, and one is to help others.”  Mary feels that she gets more out of her job than she puts into it with the knowledge that the elderly lend her, and that she cannot name one thing that she loves most about this job.  “I enjoy every aspect of it,” she stated.  Mary goes the extra mile by trying to motivate her clients every day to succeed in their personal goals. 

In Mary’s spare time, she has written a book called, “Up on the Hill of Whereabouts,” which is used in the SUNY school district. Mary also dedicates many of her hours to In My Father’s Kitchen, a charity in which she passionately talks about.  This charity helps people who are homeless or are refugees.  Mary feels that her empathy and compassion are two of her greatest strengths, and New Beginnings feels very fortunate that Mary has decided to be part of our team!  Thanks for all of your hard work Mary!

Carl MacDowell

Carl MacDowell

Carl MacDowell was nominated and selected to be the HCSS of the Month for March 2014.  Carl recently joined the New Beginnings team, and has demonstrated a passion for caring for others since he started the PCA course in the winter of 2013.  Carl’s motivation to succeed comes from his desire to help others in the community.  What makes Carl unique is his drive to assist those to feel good about themselves, rather than feeling bad for people because of their disabilities.  Just recently, with the help of the client’s mother, Carl participated in providing music therapy to one of our clients.  The response was phenomenal!  The client was excited and was moving, bopping to the music, and dancing- behaviors that are very uncommon for this particular client.  This is what makes Carl special- his conscientious effort to get his client motivated and engaged!

Carl’s hobbies include watching the New York Yankees, lifting weights, and pursuing his second master’s degree in Leadership.  Carl’s first master’s degree is for Special Education, which he says, has helped him to be a better caregiver today.  Carl’s best traits are his friendly, patient, and kind attitude. He is a caring person, dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities in our community.  Carl is an outstanding employee, and New Beginnings is honored to have Carl as part of our team!