Employee of the Month

Sheila Breedlove

- Friday, September 18, 2015

Sheila Breedlove was nominated for HCSS of the Month for August due to her proven dedication to New Beginnings.  Sheila picks up shifts when they are needed, and clients have expressed the caring positive attitude that Sheila brings to work.  Her coworkers have reported that Sheila always upholds her part of the workload, and is conscientious of not leaving her responsibility for the next person to complete.

Sheila reports that she feels motivated by her love of taking care of people. Sheila stated that she is a people person, and loves seeing people happy.  Sheila prides herself on giving 100 percent to the clients when she is at work.  Sheila reports that spare time does not exist for her, but when she is not working, she is happily taking care of her two girls, and enjoys singing music.  Sheila loves all types of music, and also carries this over in her job.  Sheila reported that clients often love to hear music, and she feels that listening to it helps soothe them.  When asked what she has leaned from working at New Beginnings, Sheila reported that she has learned that there is a lot of diversity in this field within the clients.  Sheila stated that it is important to remember that each client is different, and it is key to go with the flow.  Sheila said that you can't be set in your ways, and have to remember that different clients respond well to different things.  

Sheila has been a great asset to New Beginnings since she has worked here, and is never hesitant to "Go the Extra Mile."  Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication Sheila!!  

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